Our mission, simply stated, is “to provide a home away from home for families with seriously ill or injured children in area Medical Facilities.” We enhance our mission by establishing and managing Ronald McDonald Family Room® programs in area hospitals that provide a comfortable, nurturing environment for our families.

We do this through the Ronald McDonald House® and Ronald McDonald Room® programs. You can help improve the life of a child today.

We have been providing these programs for over 30 years since a group of community leaders came together to open the Ronald McDonald House® in Scranton in 1986. McDonald’s® is a partner in care  and provides, through local donations, about 10% of our operating budget. The other 90% comes from gifts from individuals, corporations, organizations and foundations who support our mission.

We have gifts from children who bring us their lemonade stand proceeds, gifts from individuals who create their own fundraising pages, annual donations from committed supporters, and gifts of all sizes, from $5.00 to $100,000.  Your donation will most likely fall in that category somewhere!

Give generously today so that we can continue to open our doors to thousands more families for years to come.